Seminar: Fashion Design: An Innovative Career Option

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Seminar: Fashion Design: An Innovative Career Option

Seminar: Fashion Design: An Innovative Career Option

What to do after 10th or 12th? This is the question that arises in the minds of young students who’ve just given their 10th/12th Board Exams. With the vast array of courses and options available, it becomes difficult for students to arrive at a decision. One way to get rid of this dilemma is to attend a career workshop by renowned professionals in the field. For example, it would be a good idea to attend a workshop or seminar on fashion design if you’re thinking of pursuing a career in this field. Such workshops will help prospective candidates get answers to their questions and give them an outline of the various courses and career options available in the given field. One such seminar was held at Ruchi’s Institute of Creative Arts (RICA), Allahabad, on 29th June, 2018.

The topic of the workshop was “Fashion Design: An Innovative Career Option.” This “free for all” seminar was attended by about 100 students from different schools and colleges in and around Allahabad. This workshop was conducted by experienced and well-known fashion designers and faculty of RICA. After a fun-filled introduction session, Dr. Ruchi Mittal, the principal of RICA addressed the students. She spoke about how fashion and textile design courses are being recognized as innovative career options today. She also mentioned that owing to the creative nature of this field and constant need to provide something new and different, these professions are creatively challenging professions. However, with the right attitude and skills, these challenges can be overcome. Dr. Mittal went on to talk about how modern teaching techniques and methodology can make the field interesting and captivating. She ended her speech by mentioning that the fashion industry has become a multibillion dollar industry today and that fashion was no longer restricted to just cutting and stitching garments. Finally, she listed out key points to look out for while shortlisting colleges. These include:

· Course curriculum

· Content

· Certification

· Duration of the course

After that, Mrs. Ritu Sangal, a senior artist and textile designer spoke about the significance of color in the field of fashion design through various interactive activities. She went on to explain how colors could enhance a design if used properly and turn the same design into a disaster if misused.

Following this fruitful session on colors, Ms. Smriti, a fine arts professional took center stage and highlighted the scope for a successful career in fashion. Focusing on the versatility of the field, Ms. Smriti mentioned various jobs that one could take up after completing a course in fashion design. These jobs include opening a boutique or performing occasion-specific designing and fabrication and could be related to the industry, government or education sectors. She ended her session by saying that this field has tremendous scope and that after acquiring the required skills, students can use these skills in several different ways to increase their income.

Mr. Devendra Pandey concluded the seminar by talking about how courses in fashion and textile designing allow students to groom their personalities and professions.

Every participant had a smile on his/her face and a gleam in the eyes at the end of the workshop. In short, the seminar was a huge success and helped candidates clear their doubts and concerns related to fashion designing.

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