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RICA Sessional Submission

Sessional Submissions

RICA really believes in monitoring student learning on a continuous basis in order to provide them with feedback on their performance. Providing ongoing feedback is a core feature of formative assessment where the main idea is to help students identify their strengths and target areas where they need to put in more work. It also aids the faculty recognize where students are struggling and address problems immediately and on a continuous basis rather than waiting till the end for the results.

sessional submission

RICA conducts formative assessments as opposed to summative assessments where the examiners are focused on evaluating student learning at the end of a course by comparing students’ performance against some established standard or benchmark. Undoubtedly, formative assessment turns out to be better because students feel more involved with their learning. Besides, they feel more in charge for their improvements as the student-teacher relationship is focused on working on the problematic areas rather then identifying the topper of the class! In other words, formative assessment is more diagnostic than the evaluative one.

Keeping in line with our pedagogical philosophy, we hold 3 evaluations in each semester. The marks obtained on two semesters are summed up as internal marks. The students submit their theory work and practical assignments, which are later displayed. This display serves as an opportunity for the students to immerse in self-analysis and develop a unique personal perspective on their developed products that takes into account others’ evaluation. Organizing displays, in this manner, is associated with other advantages as well.

Students don’t feel that their assessments are biased. If evaluations and marks given by faculty and others coincide then students can be more confident about their shortcomings. The net result is that students put in more work to improve. The teachers don’t have to force them to work hard.

As a result of our assessments, our students have shown tremendous improvements in a variety of domains. RICA has observed significant developments as far as apparel fittings, unique products and accessory designs are concerned. In the past, some students struggled with the technical and the drawing aspects of courses but with continuous monitoring, students improved at a fast pace.

Their improvements were not only reflected in their classroom performance but also in their success at securing positions upon course completions. Now this is what we want, isn’t it? We want our students to succeed and RICA will adhere to modern pedagogical philosophies in order to help students find their dream jobs!

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