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Success Story of Suman Gupta

Hi Folks,

I feel proud to introduce myself. My name is Suman Gupta and I am an alumnus of the Ruchi’s Institute of Creative Arts (RICA) which is situated at the holy city of Allahabad. I joined the institute as a student of the three year course in Fashion Design and Garment Technology. At the beginning of my academic career and as a naïve student, I had very little understanding of the fashion world. In fact, I was perplexed about what to make of the course that I had picked out of my own free will! The only thing which I knew was the fact that I liked to dress up consistent with the prevalent trends.  Perhaps, this was the only habit which defined fashion for me. As the classes progressed, I realized that the field of fashion had a lot of potential. And this understanding dawned upon me with the help of my supportive teachers and other faculty members. I got more into the flow of the course over the period of my remaining years and made great pals. We helped each other with the challenges associated with the course and stood as pillars of support.

This exciting journey culminated into something really innovative. I initiated my own fashion blog titled, ‘Simaz Creations’ at the beginning of my final year. I used the blog space to write articles about contemporary fashion trends. Gradually, my blog attracted increased traffic. Everyone appreciated me for my informative articles but along the line, I realized that I wouldn’t want to pursue blogging for all my life. Therefore, I searched for more avenues and upon the completion of the course I joined a fashion brand as a young trainee. The stint helped me to brush up my knowledge about fashion supply chain and other aspects associated with Fashion Manufacturing and Merchandising.

As luck would have it, I initiated market research about branded products. My flair for the fashion industry helped me juggle the research and professional commitments. In fact, my research was an eye opener for local young people as it showed that although the available products had good quality but those were priced, heavily. On the other hand, if the products were cheap then the buyers had to compromise with quality. However, that was not the end of the story. I also discovered that the ready-made dresses were of a standard size. I could connect this result with what I was taught at RICA. Ah! This was an interesting realization. Standard sizes meant that not all people could fit into those beautiful looking dresses. And this problem was prevalent across all e-commerce sites besides regular markets.

These interesting discoveries paved the way for the next leg of my professional journey. Thereafter, I decided to launch my own fashion brand with a unique idea. My catch line was custom-fit-designer dresses. My hard work paid off and I started getting orders from Snapdeal, Flipkart and other major e-commerce sites. My customers say that the most attractive feature about my website is the fact that they can figure out their ideal dress size! Later, I concentrate on making a dress that suits their style and requirements.

Well, it has been a very fascinating journey for me. More than I actually expected! I would like to say that I am very grateful to RICA for helping me to develop a personal fashion insight and to hone my flair for the fashion industry. Fashion is not all about how to market a product but much more than mere advertising. And I owe that learning to my alma mater.


Suman Gupta


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