Top 10 Fashion Blogs You Should Follow

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Top 10 Fashion Blogs You Should Follow

Top 10 Fashion Blogs You Should Follow

Whether you’re a student of fashion design or a fashionista at heart, you would definitely like to keep yourself updated with the latest trends in the fashion industry. In this blog, we present India’s top 10 fashion blogs that you must follow to stay trendy and fashionable. Without further ado, let’s move on to the topic.

Top 10 Indian Fashion Blogs
1. Akanksha Redhu: No prizes for guessing the owner of this blog. That’s right! Akanksha Redhu launched her fashion blog in 2010 to talk about the latest lifestyle and fashion trends. 
What’s so Special About this Blog?
This blog covers everything from food to fashion. Akanksha shares the hottest trends in fashion and also shows you how you can create that perfect look by pairing the right outfits with the right accessories. In short, if you want to know how to stay fashionable without burning a hole in your pocket, make it a point to follow this blog.

2. Fashion Oomph: Run by Tanya Mahendra, a Delhi based blogger, this blog offers a sneak peek into the world of fashion, explores the latest trends and styles and Tanya’s fashion experiments.
What’s in it for you? 
Tanya beautifully explains how everyone can engrave fashion with minimum effort.

3. Blah and More: After obtaining a degree in literature, Rasshi Gaur, the owner of this blog, went to complete her Masters in Fashion Design. 
What is the USP of this Blog? 
The blog is well organized with easy-to-navigate sections. These things have kept the blog going. 

4. Vanity No Apologies: Delhi-based Anshita Juneja has been successfully running this blog since 2010. At present, this blog is forward by nearly 25,000 individuals across the world. 
How is this Blog Different? 
This blog is divided into different sections ranging from product reviews to readers’ queries and celebrity makeup products. 

5. Purushu: Run by R.V. Purusottaman, this blog offers detailed tutorials and articles to help the fashion conscious enhance their looks without spending huge sums of money. 
Why Should you Follow this Blog?
As a regular contributor at the Hindu, Purushu offers his prowess in draping, fashion illustration, innovative pattern creation and garment construction to help fashion conscious individuals remain fashionable with minimum effort.
6. Gia Says That: Gia Kashyap, the owner of Gia Says That, started the blog in 2010 to share her experiences with latest beauty and fashion products. Today, she offers tips on a wide variety of topics such as fashion, beauty, freelancing and budget shopping to name a few.

Why read it?
If you’re looking for fun and effortless tips to look good and feel good, go follow this blog. At present, this blog has a whopping fan base of more than 1,00,000 Facebook followers.

7. Guilty Bytes: Devina Malhotra runs this blog and shares little tips and tricks to look good. Be it the latest hairstyles, celebrity looks or budget shopping, this blog has something for everyone.
What’s Different?
This blog offers everything under one place. So, instead of following 10 different blogs you can just follow one.
8. Magalic: Magali Vaz, the creator of Magalic, believes in fashion through self-expression. Her style is fresh and inspiring.
What’s her USP?
If you’re looking for a unique take on fashion, check out this blog. You won’t be disappointed.
9. Shalini Mehta: An alumna of the National Institute of Design, Shalini Mehta provides high-quality content on fashion, styling, movies, etc.
Whom does the Blog Cater to?
If you are a firm believer of “quality over quantity,” go read this blog.

10. Peaches & Blush: Founded by Mehak Sagar in 2010, this blog offers amazing tips for to-be brides, grown up girls and busy women. Following the success of the blog, Mehak has set up an online shopping business by the name “Brides by Peaches & Blush.”

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